In the above video David Horowitz causes a young Muslim college student at the University of California at San Diego to drop her mask and show her true feelings about Jews. She bluntly admits that she favors their extermination. Take a moment to view it.

Horowitz as a younger man was a strident, left-wing professor, activist, and writer. He thus had access to the inner workings of the liberal establishment, and after spending years within it, he awoke in horror and fled the scene. He’s been talking to anyone who will listen ever since about what he has learned about leftism.

Horowitz sees the movement as essentially collectivist, which is the reason it tends to form such strange bedfellows. American liberals, who seek to “collect” Americans into racial and socio-economic groups and then direct their lives in the name of compassion, somehow find themselves forming natural alliances with some very illiberal groups overseas, who “collect” people at gunpoint.

In the fifteen years since 9/11, for example, the American left has been oddly quiet about the illiberal practices of Radical Islam, including the widespread practice of removing females’ clitorises, depriving them of the opportunity for sexual responsiveness throughout their lives. The stoning of homosexuals draws little more than a yawn from the American Left, and their multi-front war against Christians is carefully ignored.


Want more proof of Horowitz’s thesis? The liberal Obama administration has certainly been closely allied with the illiberal collectivist regimes of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Mullahs. When the Iranian people rose up against their regime early in Obama’s presidency, he made no statement until the uprising had been put down. “Obama, are you with us or with the mullahs?” was a chant heard in Tehran, until it was drowned out by gunfire. Obama offered no support to the Iranian people, and openly stated that he wished to continue engagement with the regime.

David Horowitz understands why. Quite simply, regimes that seek to collect people into groups and then direct how they live their lives are naturally attracted to other regimes that do the same.

The Judeo-Christian ethic stands opposed to this, and elevates the individual over the collective. (Greek philosophy does as well, but today’s Greeks are Ancient Greeks, and it makes little sense to target them). That’s why the Muslim student in the video has been inculcated with the desire to see all Jews murdered. Strike at Judaism, and you strike at the heart of the Western vision of the primacy of the individual, and you strike a blow for collectivism, whether Islamist or Western-liberal.


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