It’s always fascinating witnessing yet another Muslim refugee, from a Middle Eastern country giving a “symbolic middle-finger” to those host countries that have welcomed them into their societies.

There’s little doubt that a culture still steeped in many cases within a 10th century mindset where violent tribal conflicts, honor killings, and embracing “Jihad” as a political solution, isn’t quite ready for prime time within a  civil society.


As demonstrated by Moutia Elzahed the wife of convicted terrorist recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi, who was recently found guilty for recruiting for the Islamic State in Syria.

Elzahed appeared Wednesday at the Sydney District Court on an unrelated civil matter involving law enforcement's raid on her home in 2014 and her alleged accusations of assault and battery suffered at the hands of the counter-terrorist agents.


At the civil hearing Judge Audrey Balla noticed that Elzahed remained seated when she (the judge)  entered the courtroom, and later spoke to her attorney Clive Evatt, about the infraction.

Which immediately drew a response from Evatt acknowledging; “she won’t stand for anyone except Allah’.

He continued; “She’s a Muslim, your Honor, a strict Muslim and according to my instructions she won’t stand for anyone except Allah, which I’m not particularly happy with, your Honor.”

Judge Balla responded with a question and then a warning, that Elzahed refusal to stand may  have legal ramifications saying;  “Each occasion she doesn’t do it may be a separate offence.”

Source: Daily Mail

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