Perhaps the great equalizer to savagery is simply “stupidly” in that it seems like an awful lot of young Muslims are blowing themselves up, before they get to their attended target, and of course that a good thing, a “very good thing.”

This latest genius to reach ALLAH was an 18-year old Palestinian who decided he would carry out a terrorist attack with a homemade pipe bomb on an Israeli police officers, however the explosive device detonated in his hands before he was able to launch it at his intended targets, mutilating his limbs and killing him after his intended victims transported him to a hospital.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld on Sunday said, “He had a pipe bomb that he was planning on throwing at security personnel in Abu Dis, and it accidentally exploded before he threw it, and he died of his wounds.”

“He was not a suicide bomber,” Rosenfeld added, noting inaccurate media reports claiming the teen was wearing an explosive vest. “We’re talking about a Palestinian with a small explosive.”

Islamic terrorist attacks are a daily occurrence for the people of Israel, which has been a target by ruthless Arab Muslim invaders for centuries.

As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel boasts a diverse employment of both Jewish Israelis and Muslims alike, offering citizens freedom from the apartheid and oppression that are inherent in Sharia law.

However even after this Muslim youth attempted to assassinate several Israeli police officers, these officers attempted to save his life, and that’s perhaps the stark contrast between those that are consumed with hate, and those that attempt to still reason with barbarians, and even showing compassion in their attempt to save their lives, regardless of their warped ideology.

h/t: Mad World News


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