Perhaps the most recognizable symbol in the history of mankind is the cross, this one simple yet historical design has changed forever mans relationship with God and the very essence of forgiveness.

To Christians around the world it symbolizes perhaps the greatest act of love for mankind, and the sole ministry of one divine beings brief existence on earth, and yet without any worldly possessions, titles or armies, this one divine being transcended forever through the cross his love for all mankind.

And while the cross is a divine and powerful referendum to Christians around the world it is also a symbol of scorn to those with evil intent.

History is replete with battles of Muslim hordes attempting to destroy that symbol, and Christians finally fighting back to protect their right to exist and practice their Christian faith.

However history is once again repeating itself and Christians around the world are being attacked, for simply being Christian. Recently, an eight month pregnant woman was walking with her husband when they were violently attacked by a group of Algerian Muslims.

The couple with two other friends were at a grocery store in Germany, when a group of ten Algerian Muslims saw the cross necklace worn by one of the woman and began to swear.

Within moments the Muslims became violent striking the woman with a glass bottle, and also attacking the young pregnant woman. When the police officers arrived at the scene, the Algerian Muslims had already fled.



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