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Do you remember when Obama said that taking in the Middle Eastern refugees would add to our economy, and that we were just getting widows and orphans? Yeah, well, if we pay attention to what is happening in Austria it will illuminate us all as to what it is we can expect here.

An Afghanistan family of refugees, consisting of a mom, dad, and 9 children who range in age from 5-20 was welcomed into that country.

The family was given subsidy to start their new life, to the tune of $6,406.45 a month. Their annual salary for doing nothing in Austria is $72,877.40. Not being the dolts that Muslim refugees are portrayed to be, this fine family began working the system real fast.

In less than a month they began demanding tax payer funded in-vitro fertilization so they can have more kids. They want a pay raise…er, more kids to love on and raise.

This is what we can look forward to—large families, not widows and orphans, not skilled workers or brainiacs, but societal leaches who will be given a home, welfare, and all the amenities they will ever need before they even get off of the plane/boat.

In fact, the data cited by Mad World News indicates that <3% of Syrian refugees are capable of entering the job force. Afghanis come in slightly higher at <5% job-ready. As for Ethiopia, Sudan, and Pakistan, we are talking about <0.0% of work ability.

Get ready to pay more for the useless who will soon be among us.

Source: Mad World News


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