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No doubt that the massive migration of tens of thousands of Muslim refugees is having a devastating effect all across Europe, and aside from the publicized and well documented criminal acts being committed by Muslim gangs, there’s another devastating reality being played out in that this massive influx of refugees has overwhelmed not only the social and civic structure of Europe but also it’s economic stability.

In that many European countries simply cannot sustain the massive increases to their depleting welfare systems, without the eventually collapse of the entire welfare system, for example a Muslim family with 9 children entered the West as refugees, refused to enter the workforce, and immediately signed up for welfare, receiving over $6,400 every month.

However, the lavish taxpayer benefits just aren’t enough, so now they’re demanding hardworking citizens pay for just one more thing in their attempt to milk the system.

When a devout Muslim couple left Afghanistan to pursue Western life in Austria, the immigration board approved asylum status for them and their 9 children, aging from 5 to 20 years old.

The pair soon claimed disability and began receiving $6,406.45 each month in welfare, according to Kronen Zeitung.

Now, they’re planning on increasing their monthly benefits the best way they know how, by having another child through Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment, which if approved will at the tax payer’s expense.

It’s also been reported that approximately 95% of Muslim asylum seekers since this refugee crisis began do not work, which further threatens the entire economic stability of Europe.

In short no civil society can economically endure a massive influx of refugees who either cannot produce or refuse to produce, without the eventual monetary collapse of that society.

h/t: Mad World News


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