In another example of how the world is to suffer the little children of the nut cases among radical Islam, we turn to Chebucto Height Elements School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yes, Nova Scotia of all places.

What is a school with a bunch of micro-Jihadis on their hands to do with micro-Jihacis who beat the ever loving life out of third-grades, with their feet, fists, and fist full of chains?

Now where, pray tell, and how, did these kids get lengths of chain onto a school campus? The school’s response? Nothing.

One parent even said they “There has always been some fighting and bickering going on at the school but never to this degree,” said a mother too wussified to speak out in defense of her daughter and use a real name.

“Missy’s” daughter was choked with a chain, but the strength of the chain is unknown because she didn’t get to see it.


She was choked! With a chain! By little radical Muslim males screaming “Muslims rule the world!”

For her part, Missy, and another mother, are angry that the school did nothing about it. Well, yes they did. They did the American school system thing, whereby you reward the bully, courtesy of anti-bullying teachings, and embrace diversity, because, they have a "long history of welcoming newcomers all over the world to Novia Scotia,” according to School Board Eunuch, Doug Hadley. In fact he encourages open communication between staff, students, and parents.

Umm…looks like you have it. Muslims rule the world and they beat their classmates and choke them with chains. Can’t get much clearer than that.

The world is going to be run by radical Muslims if our fathers don’t grow a set, and our mothers don’t start protection our children like a lioness.

We parents role model the next generation, and right now it looks like we are doing a super fine job, doesn’t it?  Radical Muslims raise Jihadis, and pansy-a**ed anonymous parents sell out their kids for the sake of diversity.

Source: Mad World News


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