And so, it begins.

The Muslims, who are fleeing the countries being over-run by ISIS in their quest to create a Caliphate are already trying to have their way with the countries they are moving into. In the news of late, they have violently overrun the Hungarian-Serbian border, assaulted law enforcement in Denmark, and are on a march to Sweden. This assault on hosting nations is not indicative of a religion of peace. It is indicative of a slightly less violent Jihad.

Take Germany for instance. The Oktoberfest is a 16-day celebration. It is a celebration of heritage and is a festival featuring all delicacies of their history, to include their incredible beer making skills. This is a long standing tradition that harkens back 205 years.

Well, Muslims, holier-than-thou that they are, don’t like it. They want it gone. No surprise there. In response to upcoming festivities, one supposed nameless, faceless, Muslim man, Murad Almuradi, and in a fashion similar to Atheists who want to rid the world of Christmas celebrations, is bent on eradicating the Oktoberfest. It is offensive. Of course it is! Anything infidel, meaning not 7th-century, sheet wearing, backwards, dirt-living, lifestyle is offensive.

Change.org is where you can find Almuradi’s petition to end Okotober fest, to “…help refugees not to forget their Islamic history.” That’s right. To not forget their backwards, violent ways, that are just so awesome that they have had to run away from their own countries, rather than stay there are relish in its enslavement. The faith, Islam, is a “religion of pieces.” It shreds anything in its Caliphate establishing path.

Oktoberfest is not good enough for them. It is reflective of a culture that they do not agree with. Islam has no intention of assimilation into the culture of the countries they are seeking refuge in. They are on-par with the Borg (Star Trek), whose claim to assimilation was along the lines of them assimilating everyone else. Who can forget “We are the Borg [insert Islam]”,” You will be assimilated”, “Resistance is futile”?

If the European nations cave to the demand to cancel Oktoberfest, they will have capitulated to being part of the Caliphate and they may as well convert to Islam because it will only be a matter of time before the beheadings begin.

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