Sweden…the picture of Nordic idyllic utopia. Minus the Muslim rapeugees running around. In fact, there has been a 1,472% increase in rape, according to Mad World News sources.

What do you think the chances are all 1,472 % is the result of the actions of those evolutionary lesser-than-primate excuses for a human beings?  Let’s just say if you bet big, and let it ride, you would walk away rich.

Part of this rise in rape is due to the eunuch cops that make up the Swedish law enforcement. Take for example, their response to Nathalie Hager’s tale of her stroll from church.

They pushed me down on my stomach and dragged me by my hair up a paved hill and into an alley.”  She goes on to say, “I have no memories of them hitting me, but I’m bruised in the face. They also cut open my one breast with something that must have been a dull knife or a razor blade, because the wounds are so deep and narrow. I also have big black marks on my arms where they stuck me.”

God be praised, she managed to claw her way from their clutches. She recognized their guttural use of the words, “Swedish whore,” and “Swedish slut,” and “pussy,” as that of Syriac dialect, as she works with these sub-humans.

She reported the assault to the authorities and despite being asked to explain what happened, and having a friend who could the describe them, the wuss cops have done nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Sure, the wild boars may have assaulted her, and tore her jacket as reported by the media, but it’s not like she was actually raped.

How sick is that? This is what Sweden has allowed themselves to devolve into. Can you come up with any species on the planet whose goal in life is to rape everything that moves, kill anything that doesn’t follow their rule of order? 

Probably not. Just remember libs, this rapist entourage is making its way here, and trust that you folks welcoming them in with open arms will be their first victims.

Source: Mad World News


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