Minnoṣ “is my hero,” according to H.T.  Minnoṣ should be everybody’s hero! Eight pounds of claw-fisted, green-eyed, white fur flying fury is all it took to end what was about to be a horrific assault on H.T.  The cat looks so “chill,” so sweet. The picture of white, fluffy, cuddly innocence.  You just want to pick her up and cuddle her.

Well, an all-too-normal example of a text-book Muslim man, a sex-crime obsessed freak-show, learned that not all cats are created equal. In fact, Minnoṣ appears to be without rival. Minnoṣ’ 18-year old owner was home when the sexually sadistic radical Muslim broke into her home. He had only one thing on his mind, and naturally that was raping a woman.

Minnoṣ was not about to stand for this or sedately sit by. She flew into action and opened a can of, well you know, on the would-be assailant. Minnoṣ the cat launched herself into action, clawing, biting, scratching, and driving the attacker into submission. The cat kept him in check until police arrived.

“I was faced with a villain, a pervert. He could have killed me but my cat saved my life by attacking him. [Minnoṣ] is my hero,” according to H.T. “People say cats are ungrateful. But in fact it is people who are ungrateful. Animals are loyal. Minnoṣ sees me as her mother. She is worth the world to me and she will always be with us.”

The rapist was recently sentenced to 7+ years (not enough) for his attack. His attorney is appealing the ruling. After all, Minnoṣ interfered with a crime, so no crime was ever committed.

Ms. H.T.’s attorney is not happy. “The action was prevented because of the cat’s attack, but it was evaluated by the court as if the suspect voluntarily changed his mind,” according to Deniz Emine Kayer (attorney). “The cat was not taken into consideration before reaching a verdict.”

That is the Muslim version of a fair trial, courtesy of Sharia Law, by the way. Compound this with had the assault been successful, H.T. would probably be standing trial, awaiting execution, for infidelity.

This filth is coming here. To those who are anti-Second Amendment and want to welcome them in, you better get yourself a Minnoṣ.

Source: Mad World News

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