While European leaders are throwing open the doors of their country and putting out the welcome mat for hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants coming onto the continent from the Middle East, it is the people who are being forced to cope with the consequences of trying to deal with invaders who hold no interest and have no intent to assimilate and become fellow countrymen.

And although many Europeans are learning that lesson by watching the horrific crime waves, particularly against women and children, in France, Germany and Sweden, some are taking matters into their own hands when faced with hostile immigrants demanding special treatment rather than accepting hospitality graciously and with gratitude.

One Muslim recently found a white bus driver less than willing to do as he was told, and although the silent video from the bus surveillance camera doesn’t reveal the exact words, the intent is clear from the action as the would-be passenger engages with the driver and apparently is told to get off the bus.

At that point, the Muslim makes the unfortunate decision and takes three pokes at the driver who responds by grabbing the younger man and unloading over a dozen point-blank punches to the stunned punk before dragging him off the bus.

Then again, it may be, that Islam really is the “religion of peace,” as President Obama continues to claim, because the Muslim bully who tried to rough-up the driver, cowered and gave up quickly enough when confronted by a man who wasn’t going to be intimidated by anyone, no matter what Andrea Merkel says.

The video, which may come from Germany or Italy, has gone viral to the delight of people who are fed up with the dictates of leaders who have made their everyday lives subordinate to the goal of turning all of Europe – and Obama’s America – into a Muslim-centered society.

Comments from news media, as well as posters on social media, are praising the actions of the bus driver who wasn’t afraid to act in a non-politically correct way in teaching the uncooperative and hostile Muslim on his bus the meaning of getting along with others.

Source: Mad World News

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