It's amazing to witness the things that Muslims are doing within America's own borders. For any who claim that Donald Trump's comments about Muslims being a threat are exaggerated, the following story should be evidence enough for you.

A Muslim man in a medium-security prison in Forks, Washington beat his guard repeatedly with a metal stool while screaming the Islamic cry of "Allahu akbar!" which translates as "god is great."

Other inmates who watched the assault had to pull Abdinjib Ibraham, a 28-year-old Muslim inmate, off of Terry Breedlove, a security guard at the facility. Breedlove is recovering in a nearby hospital but suffered severe traumatic brain injury from the attack.

According to witnesses, Ibraham managed to remove the round top to a metal stool and bashed Breedlove's head with the stool piece. Ibraham was shouting "Allahu akbar," both during and after the attack, suggesting that he felt the attack had some relation to the Muslim faith.

Ibraham was taken into custody and moved to a more secure location, a high security prison in Walla Walla, Washington. Breedlove, for his part, remains in the hospital with two damaged vertebrae. He will stay in the hospital until he can walk again which, according to his family members, will be quite some time.

Immediately following the attack the prison went into its lockdown procedures which confined all inmates to their cells. That status lasted for several days as outside investigators from the Sheriff's Department analyzed the scene.

While attacks happen in prisons every day in America, the fact that this attack seems to have been motivated by Ibraham's religion makes it even more disturbing. If we can't control inmates who are inside of our prisons, how can we control anything about American society?

Thank goodness the other inmates stepped in to stop Ibraham from murdering the prison guard as he apparently wanted to do in the name of his religion.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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