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To call this woman, or the women that do this unspeakable act, “nurses,” is like calling Satan your heavenly father. Female genital mutilation is a horror rained down on young girls around the world. Particularly in the third world backwards civilizations associated with…..Muslims! Yes, there they pop up again, the “Religion of Pieces.”

Disgustingly, this practice of butchering little girls is invading the modern world where one would think women have found freedom and liberation from such horror. But, no.

In fact, in the images, you witness a mother is pictured restraining her daughter while another hacks away at a little girl.

Recently, this practice was found be happening in Australia, where a “nurse,” a senior member of the Dawoodi Bohra, and a girls’ mother are facing prison time for performing this horror on her daughters, The nurse, a witch in every sense of the word, told one of the little girls to think of herself as a princess, while she went about her dirty work.

As with all other mutilations performed by these backward people, this is a practice condoned and promulgated in the Quran, and is known as the “Khatna.”

This is a sadistic measure whereby sex will be anything but pleasurable for these girls. For their good behavior while being butchered, the girls can get a bag of candy.

How’s that for peaceful and tolerant?

These people are pigs. No..that is insulting pigs.

These people are evil.

Source: Mad World News


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