Aaah, the religion of peace and tolerance. Those poor Syrian refugees who have flooded into Europe in an attempt to escape the horrors of ISIS/ISIL and that backwards and violent religion of fanatical radical Islam!

Oops! Did we say escape? Silly us, we meant to lie and sneak into other countries and rampage the world so as to establish a bloody Caliphate.

Such was the case in the open-arms and welcoming of the Caliphate country of idiot Angela Merkel—Germany. A mid-20s Eritrean and his wife, as well as two others, were minding their own business, being those nasty repressive Christians that Obama warns the world about, and grocery shopping.

A tolerant and peaceful double-agents of horror 10-pack of wild boars, otherwise known as a gang of members of the “Religion of Pieces,” approached them and began the centuries-old practice of not so peaceful and life threatening conversion to Islam.

The young man’s wife was 8 months pregnant but that did not stop the Algerian Muslim swine from attacking the four-some. The hate filled rage against the man, his wife, and two friends centered on the man’s crucifix. The Religion of Pieces mob just could not find it in their tolerant hearts to walk past the infidels and go on their low-life parasitic way.

An altercation ensued and the married man was struck with a glass bottle multiple times. His young wife was also struck, although it is unclear if the same bottle was used or 10-pairs of hands and feet. The couple and their friends were left wounded in the street. Naturally, the brave Islamists fled the scene being the cowards that they are.

The Eritreans were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries. There is no word on how the pregnant woman and her un-born child fared.

One of the Algerian Islamist pigs was taken into custody for his violent behavior toward law enforcement, and another to the hospital for treatment of his own injuries. Perhaps the most egregious is learning that pig was released.

Why? What makes them any different that any other gang of thugs? Islam-that's what.


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