This group of Muslim militants thought they could just walk right through and scare this group of humble farmers out of their homes to take their land. Luckily for the farmers and unluckily for these Muslim bullies the farmers were ready. They weren't just going to let a group of thugs take their livelihood.

These Christian farmers just gave these jihadist a fight for their lives, literally. Looks like they might think twice about trying to intimidate another group of not so harmless farmers.

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A group of Muslim supremacists thought it would be easy to harass and intimidate a few humble farmers into abandoning their crops and land. However, before the jihadists could pat themselves on the backs over their fool-proof plan, the underestimated farmers unveiled something that had the Muslims deeply regretting their decision.

A cell of at least 30 armed militants of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) descended upon Maybula, Tulunan, a quiet and poor Christian village in Mindanao, Philippines, Fulton County News reports.

The jihadists approached the group of farmers who were working at a banana plantation, demanding what little they had or their lives — but the farmers weren’t going down without a fight.

Giving the Muslim terrorists a deserved shock, the meek farmers turned out to be well-armed. Grabbing their firearms, the farmers gave their attackers a fight like the country’s largest rebel group has never seen before.

A three-hour gun battle ensued, resulting in the deaths of a 3 locals and 3 jihadists before the Muslim militants tucked tail and retreated. The firefight literally came to a standstill.

Chief of Police Ronnie Dillera said that the bodies of the dead terrorists are in police custody, but their identities remain unknown.


He added that at least 64 families of more than 200 individuals had fled during the attack, but because local residents were armed and willing to defend their homes and loved ones, many lives were saved.

Much like Palestinians are doing to Israelis, the Moro Muslims are attempting to slaughter the Christian residents, claiming that the land belongs to them. Attacks from the Muslims are not uncommon, but because residents are armed, they stand a fighting chance against their would-be murderers.

Even in third world countries, the basis of our own Second Amendment rings true. One can be nothing more than a victim if unarmed in the path of an armed attacker. Because these peaceful locals had the same weaponry as the jihadists, they were on equal footing with those who wished to kill them.

Had the farmers been unarmed, the Muslims surely would have butchered them, their wives and children, and taken their land and homes as their own.

More than 70 percent of the population of Mindanao is Christian, yet, because Islam comprises a large minority, the peaceful majority is routinely slaughtered. Muslims account for at least 20 percent of the Island nation, and just as they are doing in every country in which they become a significant minority, they are terrorizing civilians in an attempt to implement Sharia law.

Unlike Mindanao, much of the West is still salvageable from Islamic supremacy. No country has ever thrived under Sharia law, and no minority has been afforded all of their basic human rights.

We must arm ourselves against this growing threat, using our constitutional rights as they were intended by our tyranny-opposing forefathers. Muslims all over the world are using democracy and freedom to destroy democracy and freedom. It is time we used them in defense.

Source: Mad World News


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