One Colorado meatpacking plant learned the hard way what happens when you employ hundreds of ungrateful Muslim refugees after management arrived at work and discovered a sick surprise left by the Somali refugees. Management was gracious enough to give these refugees a job and was met with this sort of entitled attitude, so they made sure to give these ungrateful refugees one final gift to even the score.

When Obama forced American states to open their borders blindly and accept any and every Muslim refugee that was thrown their way, Cargill Meat Solutions tried to do a good thing and offer jobs to more than 200 Muslim migrants at its Colorado facility.

Cargill even went as far as to change normal working conditions and standards in order to accommodate the Islamic prayer rituals of the new employees. They should have known better than to bow down to these arrogant migrants.

These migrants showed their gratitude with this nasty 'gift'.

After the company decided that it was too detrimental to the company to give only Muslim employees a recently instituted special break for Islamic prayer, Cargill Meat Solutions changed the work policy back to normal with no special breaks exclusively for Muslims.

These entitled employees were outraged at the idea that they would have to abide by the same policies as their American coworkers, and fought back against the company – hard.

One-hundred fifty Muslim employees claimed that they had not been treated fairly and argued that the meat-packing plant had subjected them to "religious discrimination."

The ungrateful brats staged a walkout until the company pandered to their every request and gave them exactly what they wanted – Islamic prayer time during work hours.

Cargill Meat Solutions came back at them with an epic response. They stuck to the no prayer policy and said that if the Muslim employees wanted to pray that they would have to do do so on their own time.

That's exactly how you should deal with migrants who come into your home and tell you how things need to be done. Too bad our current president is too much of a coward to do anything and would rather roll over and give in to their every demand.

On Monday Cargill fired all the employees that walked out and didn't return to work. They did not receive a paycheck because they were too stubborn and spoiled to adapt to the customs of the place that so generously took them in and gave them jobs.

It's good to see that there are still some companies out there who are not afraid to continue to do things their way without pampering every whiny brat that makes a demand and then cries discrimination when they don't get their way.

Source: Mad World News

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