Soon after another Western country graciously granted one Muslim man refuge and asylum in their country they realized that their efforts were not appreciated, but rather the man chose to insult his new home by preaching Sharia law and hatred to his mosque. After having this Muslim migrant spit in this country's face they decided to be a little less friendly to the entitled migrant.

When Italy chose to allow a Muslim imam to enter into their borders and take refuge in their country they didn't expect him to be so ungrateful and start spreading hatred and disobedience. Just as soon as the imam was let into the country he began to spread Sharia law in his mosque, trying to force the congregation to hold Sharia law above anything else.

He was encouraging people to take the Islamic idea of treating all other non-Muslims and women as inferiors to those practice Islam.

It didn't take too long for Italian officials to hear about the Muslim supremacy being spread and they made sure to show him just how they deal with those that refuse to assimilate.

The issue and the irony with Sharia law is that it is a law that is based in Islam that takes forces all those that it can get it's hands on, no matter what the religion, to submit to the oppressive rules that it is founded upon. Whereas, in the West there are many laws that protect people's religious freedoms no matter what the religion.

Muslims who have come to the west have been using the Western laws that protect religious freedoms to hide behind while they spread the oppressive Sharia law.

Italian officials are getting a little more than just fed up with the hate, racism, and misogyny being preached and are writing legislation to prevent that. Furthermore, after the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terror attacks in January 2015, Italy has taken a harder stance on these hateful Muslims.

In fact, they have been deporting many Muslims that continue to preach this hate speech and anti-Western Islamic ideals. They're showing the rest of the world that we don't all have to submit to this oppressive religion and we can in fact take our country back and fight against this racist religion.

Europe Online Magazine reports that an unnamed 33-year-old Muslim refugee from Morocco had begun preaching "hate speech" in a mosque in northern Italy. The imam not only refused to adhere to Italian constitutional rights that deal with issues such as gender equality, on many occasions the refugee preached against these rights and said that Sharia law should be held above all.

Once the Italian officials discovered that the refugee had come to Italy not to appreciate their hospitality, but rather to spread their vile Islamic hate speech and try to spread Sharia law as far as he could.

The Italians saw no reason for this ungrateful thug to remain in their country and chose to deport him for the fact that he "refused to accept Italian constitutional rights," said Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on Thursday.

Alfano said that the act that sealed the imam's fate was when he refused to swear on the constitution when applying for citizenship, claiming that he would adhere to Sharia law because it is "fully compatible" with Italian laws.

Then he turned right around and started to try to undermine Italian and Western ideals by forcing Sharia law down unto everyone. The insubordinate imam, who was also the secretary of the Muslim Community of Treviso, was put on a plane and shipped back to Casablanca this past Wednesday.

Alfano also cited the imam's statement that Italian laws are nothing more than "a collection of sins upon sins, such as, for example, parity between men and women." That's when they new what the asylum seeker really thought about Italian laws and his loyalty to Sharia law.

This isn't the first time the Italians have had to deport these dangerous and subversive Muslims. In fact, since 2015 Italy has had to deport 115 Muslims, 12 of which were imams, all for hate speech rooting directly from the Quran. This just continues to prove how incompatible Islam is with Western laws and ideals.

Worse yet is it would seem that these people are trying to infiltrate and spread Sharia over the Western laws already in place in these countries. The left is going to continue to defend this sort of dangerous and offensive speech, while turning a blind eye to the brutal reality that is Islamic oppression. It's time we open our eyes and see what's really going on before it's too late.

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Source: Europe Online Magazine


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