A 13-year-old girl was walking through the park when she noticed something unsettling out of the corner of her eye. A Muslim migrant had been following her on a bicycle getting closer and closer. She really started to panic when he came up and approached her. He then proceeded to toss her onto the ground and rape the poor girl. To make matters worse the judge decided to let the man free for this absurd reason.

The 13-year-old girl from Sweden testified in court that she had been assaulted and brutally raped by the migrant. She recounted that she had been with a friend walking home through Mariestad park.

At a certain point she and her friend separated to go home. It was at this moment that the migrant chased her down. She said that the tried to run but the man caught her and tossed her to the ground, ripping her clothes off.

She cried out for him to stop and for somebody to help but the man said nothing and continued to rape the helpless girl. When she made it home she was too distraught to tell her parents and she desperately tried to wash away the pain in the shower.

Her mother found her town pants in the trash and asked what had happened, to which she responded by breaking down telling her mother of the awful assault.

This is where the story takes a really sick turn.

The Muslim rapist, who is from Yemen claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with him and that she had told him that she was in fact 15-years-old.

The story was obviously false and the hospital records only helped to disprove the rapist's story. The girl suffered "severe bruising" to her arms, legs, and buttocks.

That's when he dropped this horrific surprise. The migrant claimed that he was not in fact an adult, and that although his passport said that he was 19 he claimed to only be 16 in reality.

He said that in order to leave Yemen he needed to be an adult so he forged a fake passport saying that he was born in 1996 rather than 1999.

This completely changed the game seeing as minors get much less severe sentences, and the filthy rapist's attorney was well aware of this.

In the end the judge bought this pathetic story even though details surrounding the specific documents proving the migrant's adolescence are shady at best. The mother argued that a birth certificate was never produced for the court and is understandable outraged by the sentence.

What type of horrible sentence did this rapist get?

Nothing but a warning. 18 months of probation and some counseling is all that this savage Muslim rapist received for his vile crimes that will have terrible lasting effects on this poor girl and her family.

He wasn't deported or even detained and as a result he has shown the rest of these animals one very horrifying lesson, they can rape whoever they like and get away with it.

Frankly, this is absolutely disgusting. Not only should this savage be locked up for good the judge who let him off the hook with nothing more than a stern talking to should lose his job!

Once people start to become soft on such a hard issue such as the rape of a child it begins to corrode and corrupt the entire society that we live in. Even worse it opens the floodgates for more Muslim migrants to rape and brutalize poor innocent children.

This cannot happen. We need to make our voices heard that we are not O.K. with this type of behavior and anyone who commits horrible acts like this should be severely punished.

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Source: Mad World News


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