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When we as Americans think of terrorist enclaves, we automatically think of ISIS strongholds in the Middle East, places like Syria, Libya, and Ramadi, and seldom of a place like London.

And yet London is indeed a Muslim radical enclave of not only hidden terrorist cells, but more openly of British legislators and elected officials, who have publicly warned and perhaps are even calling for attacks on one of our own presidential nominees, namely Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

The new Muslim mayor of London Sadig Khan has issued a warning to Donald Trump: Moderate your stance on Muslims, or they will launch more attacks against America.

There’s no doubt Britain like many European countries have capitulated for decades on the continued and growing threat of Muslim migrations into their countries, and turning a blinds eye to the radicalization taking place.

Their refusal to acknowledge that Muslims prefer subjection rather than assimilation of their host country, thus the creation of the new mayor of London, Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Trump recently praised Sadiq Khan for winning London’s mayoral race, and said he would be willing to create an exception in his policy restricting Muslim entry into the United States in order to allow Khan to visit. But in a statement Tuesday, Khan dismissed Trump’s invitation, and also denounced his views on Islam as “ignorant,”

Moreover Khan has some serious and troublesome history some of which includes his defense of Islamist extremist Azzam Tamimi, and his platform-sharing with Suliman Gani, a south London imam who has urged female subservience to men, and called for the founding of an Islamic state.

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