Recently an 8-year old was married off to a 40-year old Islamic pedophile over in the inbred wonderland of the Middle East. Specifically, in the prehistoric tribal area of Hardh, in northwestern Yemen.

As we all know chivalry is dead in the part of the world. Not that it ever developed, seeing as how evolutionarily corrupt that region of earth is.

On his wedding night, feeling like the proud man he is not, the pedophile consummated his marriage by raping his young bride to death. That’s right. He raped her to death. She bled out internally because of his bestial brutality and lack of humanity.

Where are the human rights groups? Where is our own president? Oh, that’s right. He is telling our military to stand down when little boys are being raped by the pedophile Jihadis, to be bothered with what those peaceful brotherly loving radical Muslims are doing on their wedding nights with baby girls in other parts of the world.

Obama is too busy telling the rest of the world how bad Muslims have had it courtesy of Christians.  Yeah….not recalling too many incidents of Christians taking baby-brides and raping them to death. 

Nowhere back in the fog of memory are there any Old Testament lessons in that regard. Certainly Jesus did not condone that. Unlike the Islam Prophet who viewed children as a smorgasbord of opportunity for sexual depravity.

Over the course of this decade, 140-Million girls will be married off before the age of 18. Many of them will be under the age of 15. All this according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF).

Unfortunately, the UNPF is more interested in ensuring wanted pregnancies, and since these child brides are well below the age of fertility, they don’t exactly fit the profile of that 140-Million count.

Are they factored into the equation? Who knows? One child bride is too many, 140-Million+, regardless of age, is despicable and it is a stain on humanity for allowing such evil to even exist.

Source: Mad World News


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