Is there some conversion rule when it comes to Islam that you must be or must become a wife-beating Chester-the-Molester?

There sure seems to be a trend in this regard when it comes to the fundamentalists of the group. For whatever reason, young children are attractive to these pervs.

Yet another incident of a Muslim man thinking it was time to grab some action with a pre-pubescent girl took place at a bus stop in Sicily, Italy, whereby a rapist went on the hunt and snagged a 13 year old.

Lucky for her, her uncle, who was across the street, either observed this or heard her cries for help. The uncle and a friend, beat the sick subvert to a bloody pulp, and rightfully so. They then spirited his niece away to safety.

Pervert? He called the cops, and the uncle was arrested! Eventually the uncle was released, but the rapist, fortunately, remains in custody.

Let’s hope he gets what is coming to him, and is either shot in the head, or lands in an Italian prison. Those are not known for the cushy lifestyle arrangements of our prisons.

It is unimaginable that Muslims think they can wander the world over, and rape whoever they want, and get away with it. They scream intolerance and discrimination, and we wring our hands and make excuses for their "cultural norms."

For lack of a better term, screw that! This need fixed and is beyond sending them back to their 7th-century wasteland. Rather it is about the rest of us stepping up and ridding the world of these evil pervert freaks. These people need to take on a human form or face some life-and-death consequences. Prison is too good for these sub-humans.

Source: Mad World News


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