In recent months religious freedoms seem to be the subject of more and more employee discrimination lawsuits and arguments--and the suits are restricted primarily to Muslims.

I've personally met many good, peaceful Muslims. However, it's impossible to ignore the radical and dangerous tide of militant Islam.

So it comes as no surprise that a 48-year-old Muslim man strange looks from his fellow employees at Bed Bath & Beyond when he started growing out his beard and telling them he was Muslim.

Jose Alcantara says that he found his faith during a recent hard time as his mother's health declined and she passed away. Alcantara was working as a department manager in a New York City Bed Bath & Beyond during the time and he started to grow out his beard to fully comply with the Muslim religion.

According to Alcantara, he was approached by an HR representative who asked why Alcantara was growing out his long beard. Alcantara responded that it was because he was Muslim, and, according to him, his coworkers soon started tormenting him.

"Good morning, terrorist. How are you terrorist?" Alcantara said that his coworkers began referring to him as a "terrorist" even though he was their manager and asked them to stop multiple times. When he attempted to get HR involved they ignored him.

Now Alcantara is suing Bed Bath & Beyond for a lot of money. The article doesn't list how much, but it's clear that he's seeking revenge for being tormented.

People, it's not okay to call someone with a beard a terrorist. That's just not alright. It is okay to express safety or dress code concerns with a manager, but let's be civil about these things.

And any Muslims reading this--please understand, your religion is violent and has murdered hundreds of American soldiers. If we're a little skeptical of your religious beliefs that's why.

h/t: New York Daily News

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