Since it wasn’t an injured beloved goat, the Muslim pitched the dog off a bridge. Man’s best friend is despised, like most things, by Muslims. At least in Turkey. Who knows if Muslims keep dogs over here?

The dog was injured having been beaten nearly to death by the Muslim throwbacks. The animal collapsed on the street. Rather than allow it die in semi-peace, as it most assuredly would, this piece of filth picked it up and chucked it off a bridge. Notice he forgot to chuck himself.

The animal’s fellows, all starving, as canines are known to do, had been standing watch over their fallen. This is an example of a dog showing more compassion that those subhuman jackals that wander all over the Middle East. With their comrade’s death, they mournfully howled.

This behavior by the Muslim is common place, as are worse actions. According to Mad World News sources, Iran is just as vile. They torture dogs to death. Imagine that. Puppies “are given acid injections, which are a concoction of chemicals that literally burn the dogs from the inside out,” reports MWN.

Notice People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), are silent on the matter. This is similar to the women’s right groups who are silent on the treatment of women at the hands of the Muslim beasts.

This is no different than the Administration telling our military to stand down and allow children be raped by those evil freaks.

The Middle East is a nightmare place of demented hell spawned origins and the killing of this dog, while sad, is just another example of why their “refugees” should not be in this country. They will bring their disgusting way of life with them.

Source: Mad World News


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