The perception of Islam as a violent religion won't change any with the recent news just being reported from Afghanistan that a Muslim man cut off his wife's nose during an argument about him taking a six-year-old for another wife.

According to family members, Muhammad Khan and Reza Gul had been married for six years before she got into an argument with him about his decision to take his uncle's young daughter as another wife.

The relationship had apparently been brutal for the entire marriage, with Khan traveling regularly to work in Iran and, on returning, beating his wife severely.

But that beating escalated when Khan took a knife to Gul's face and savagely hacked off her nose. He then apparently loaded her onto his motorcycle to take her outside of town to kill her, but the news spread and he ended up fleeing for his life.

Gul's mother is reported as saying that if she catches "the infidel" who harmed her daughter she would "tear him to pieces."

Even the local members of the Taliban are getting involved in the hunt for Khan and they immediately put out a search for the mutilator.

Gul however, had lost a lot of blood and the local doctors didn't have the expertise needed to reattach her nose at their small, provincial hospital. She has been given an expedited identity card and is traveling to Turkey for facial surgery and to recuperate among the higher-quality doctors in that country.

Thankfully the village banded together and was able to eventually find Khan. He is, apparently, in Taliban custody which cannot bode well for his future.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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