There is some sort of hormonal imbalance, in addition to the evolutionary mis-wiring, of those following the radical wing of the “Religion of Pieces.” The obsession with sex, rape, is unbelievable.

There is no other explanation other than something screwed up at the DNA level. Compound this with some sort of pre-Neanderthal predisposition to violence, and you are left with something baffling to behold. These “people” are not anything we can wrap our brains around.

By people, we are talking about the ISIS, and the era of the Crusades all over again. Last time a bunch of knights on horseback drove these monsters back to their sandbox. Now, with the might of world’s technological warfare capabilities, we can’t manage to do the same. Apparently, we are equally devolved.

One man, German psychologist, Han Ilhan Kizilhan, is all too familiar with the horrors waged on women and children at the hands of ISIS. He is known as the “German doctor who rescues ISIS’s sex slaves,” and nurses what is left of their shattered back to some semblance of healed.

One woman, incapable of speaking or reading Arabic, paid the ultimate price. Her “master” took her two year-old daughter and locked her in box. He placed the box in the hot sun and broiled her for a week.

The mother was helpless. This is something that will haunt her forever and is nothing Dr. Kizilhan will ever be able to fix. After a week, the man took the little girl, who was miraculously still alive, and submerged her in an ice bath. It took her another two-days to die, and she did so in her mother’s arms. All because she could not repeat Quranic scripture.

Dr. Kizilhan also tells of a 16-year old escapee set herself on fire hoping she would either die or be so disfigured that she would be a sexual leper and be left alone. Then there is the story of an 8-year old girl passed around and raped more times than she can count by various “masters.”

Praise God for Dr. Kizilhan. Other doctors need to step forward and do the same. In the meantime, the rest of world needs to get on-board with the notion that we are not dealing with human beings. We are dealing with demons and they need to be sent back to hell.

Source: Mad World News


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