There are always “exceptions-to-the-rule” and it’s perhaps that one element that gives us hope that the “war on terrorism” can be won if Muslim leaders like Jamal Daoud step up and speak out.

No doubt that’s a risky move for any Muslim to take, however, unless moderate Muslim leaders speak out, the “war on terrorism” can never be truly won, without combating the radical strain of Islam from the inside.

And when Daoud an Australian Muslim leader supports the banning of the burqa that’s a profound move, that will hopefully dislodge other moderate Muslim leaders around the world to end their collective silence and speak out and join with those civil societies around the world battling this evil strain of Islam.

Daoud believes that banning the Muslim garb would further halt terror attacks citing that full body coverings and face veils are only supported and worn by the most extreme Islamic minorities.

The human rights activist and Sunni Muslim believes that banning the burqa in Australia would prevent terrorist attacks to the homeland and strengthen the countries national security interests.

Appearing for an interview on 7News he outlined in detail the burqa issue, informing viewers that Muslim woman are not required to wear a burqa or niqab, stating that there's 'no mentioning of covering the face in any Quranic verses.'

Mr. Daoud told; 7News women are not required to wear a burqa or niqab under Islam, and there is 'no mentioning of covering the face in any Quranic verses.'

Which no doubt surprises quite a few individuals who assumed that wearing the Muslim dress was a necessity under Islam law.

In recent years the call to ban the burqa has received more support among politicians, and one Senator Pauline Hanson announced just last month that she would support the ban if her party wins their state election stating: 'You know what I'm going to do, going to investigate?'

She continued: 'Ban the burqa in government buildings, banks and schools.'

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Source: Daily Mail

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