A former Muslim employee at Columbia U is has filed a lawsuit claiming the university's chaplain refused his requests for more prayer breaks during the holy month of Ramadan.

The complaint, filed last month, states that University chaplain Jewelnel Davis discriminated on the basis on religion. The defendant is seeking up to $250,000 in damages.

University chaplain Jewelnel Davis

"I’ve never had someone who works for me who takes so many breaks," Davis allegedly told the former employee, according to witnesses in the complaint filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights Research.

The former employee also claimed in the lawsuit that requests to work earlier shifts during Ramadan were denied while employees of other faiths were allowed special consideration.

Columbia U has six advisers for Christian students, three for Jewish students, one for Buddhists, and one for "ethical humanists," the College Fix reported.

Davis, who is Christian and black, has been the chaplain at Columbia U since the position had remained vacant since the turbulent 1960s.

In an article published in the New York Times, dated Nov. 3, 1996, Davis described her faith as being rooted in the African-American tradition.

"The African-American paradigm that I grew up with was the church was concerned about everything, from whether your soul is aching to whether there's a roof over your head," Davis said.

The Fix said Davis later reversed her decision against the former employee before the matter went to court.

As every faith is different in its fundamental aspects, including prayer rituals, accommodations in the work place seem reasonable so long as they do not cause a disruption.

How many breaks was this former employee requesting -- Three? Six. Ten? We do not know.

In order to show that religious discrimination occurred requires meeting a fairly high legal standard. On the face of it, this case doesn't appear to meet that standard.

Does it appear that the university chaplain discriminated against the former employee based on the employee's Muslim faith? Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Daily Mail

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