Our Department of Justice has just hired a Pennsylvanian imam who issued death threats against a women's rights advocate to teach classes in “leadership and guidance” to federal prisoners. The imam is Fouad ElBayly, who was the leader of the Islamic Center of Johnston, PA until he called for the murder of Ayaan Hirsi Ali for statements she has made in opposition to the imposition of Sharia law. 

His death threats, which occurred in 2007, made national news, and led to his resignation from the Johnston Islamic Center. It is unclear how long that resignation remained in effect, however, given that he listed his job as leader of the Center in his application for the federal contracting position. 

While ElBayly goes about the business of pocketing your tax dollars to visit federal penitentiaries where he can imbue the inmates with the un-American values that he holds so dear, it is worth taking a moment to examine the lady whose death he called for. Hirsi Ali is a former Somalian who as a child was subjected to a clitoridectomy, and who later fled her native land, minus her clitoris, and immigrated to the Netherlands, where she rose to become a member of parliament. 

Hirsi Ali actively writes and speaks in opposition to radical Islam and Sharia law, and has received hundreds of death threats, many of them highly credible, for her trouble. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, by directing a plum federal contract to ElBayly, is sending a clear message of support for Hirsi Ali’s persecutors and a thumb in the eye both to Hirsi Ali herself and to her defenders. 

It is theoretically possible that the DoJ simply didn’t notice that ElBayly was at the center of a national furore over death threats that he made against a leading champion of civil rights, women’s rights, and the right of women in the Middle East (but now including tens or hundreds of thousands of young Muslim women in America) to retain the portion of their bodies that permits sexual gratification. But has the DoJ not heard of Google? A simple search of ElBayly’s name results in an avalanche of articles detailing his 2007 call for Hirsi Ali’s assassination.  

Moreover, this is the same DoJ that just last week, at the same moment that it was forced to admit that the police shooting that led to the Ferguson “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protests was in fact justified, laid unfounded claims of systemic racism against the Ferguson police department. Eric Holder did this for no more purpose than to cover the DoJ's embarrassment, and to continue to offer to African-Americans a false vision of a racist America as the cause of that community’s disorders. ElBayly has been hired to extend that false vision into our penitentiaries.





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