In a terror attack largely unreported and ignored by the mainstream media, Columbus, Ohio is the latest American city to be hit by Muslim violence directed at innocent victims according to a report from the FBI.

Mohamed Barry, a 30-year-old Muslim immigrant from West Africa who traveled to the United States from Somalia, entered a restaurant on Thursday evening wielding a machete and proceeded to attack patrons without provocation.

“He came to each table and just started hitting them,” Karen Bass, identified as one of the diners, told reporters. “There was a man on the floor bleeding. There was blood on the floor. It was awful. It was just carnage.”

Four people were wounded in the machete attack, one critically.

The Nazareth Restaurant and Deli is owned by Hany Baransi, a Christian Arab originally from Israel, who was home ill at the time of Barry’s rampage. The restaurant displays the Israeli flag of Baransi’s homeland.

The FBI is investigating the attack as a possible instance of “lone-wolf” terrorism, that is an act that although not directly ordered by a terror organization such as ISIS, is inspired by such a group or by a radical ideology that promotes terror attacks.

Local law enforcement sources revealed that the assailant was known to the FBI and that he was listed in a database that names persons who may be related to terrorism or have the potential to commit attacks of terror on American soil.

Sgt. Rich Weiner of the Columbus Police Department said the move to call in the feds was tied to “something that’s in the (computer) system that came back about the vehicle and this person.”

Barry had gone into the restaurant-deli at around 5:30 on Thursday evening and, according to witnesses, asked to see the owner, and returned 30 minutes later with the machete attacking a couple first and then turning on other diners who came to their rescue.

The assailant fled in his vehicle and was stopped by police after a brief chase. The officers’ attempt to Taser the man after he got out of his car and lunged at them with a knife and the bloody machete were unsuccessful in bringing him down and he was shot and killed at the scene.

His roommate, Souley Balde, described Barry as “extremely private” and said “It’s not something I expected from him honestly. It was just shocking.”

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