Anyone who picks up a newspaper or watches the nightly news soon realizes that America is going through a profound transformational change, and where it will end is anybody’s guess, and nothing seems more evident of that transformation then within our local communities.

This recent video of a school board meeting in Jersey City is simply the latest incident in what is fast becoming the new face of America, and perhaps the slow and steady decline of our American ideals.

The two-minute video chronicles a debate on whether to close district schools for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha on Sept. 24. and at one point the chairman of the meeting explains that the Muslim request came just 6-days before the Muslim holiday.

When he begins to question the fairness and inconvenience of the last-minute change, the meeting turns contentious, with several Muslims complains the they’re not being dealt fairly and with one Muslim woman taking to the mike and stating;

“We’re no longer the minority. That’s clear from tonight. We’re going to be the majority soon.”

Ironically a long-term resident within the school distract also took to the microphone to remind all in attendance that there are no “Jewish Holidays” being observed by the school district at this Jersey City school.

America was built by immigrants, it’s considered the “melting pot” of the world, however there’s a profound difference between assimilation, and domination.

h/t: Radix News



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