Michigan has become the epicenter of Muslim infiltration. This is not a new thing. Anybody who has followed the news has been hearing about Dearborn terror cells since right around 9-11.

Is it any wonder that these Sharia Law loving ingrates are also welfare free-loaders? What do you expect? Do you think they intend to spend their own money on infiltrating our nation? Not if they can do it on our dime.

Such was the recent incident in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Three innocent, doe-eyed, submissive Muslim women (the widows Obama said we fear, perhaps?), trolled the local grocery market. While looking at the wares, they pocketed a few, and tucked them away in the folds of their Islam-prison-issued-garb (burka). 

dThey perused the aisles and then left the building. Fortunately, the entire shoplifting spree was caught on surveillance cameras.

Law enforcement was called and they tracked them down not two-blocks away.

Guess what they were doing? Shoplifting again? No. They were selling their EBT cards. First they stole their free food, already paid for, courtesy of you and me and all taxpayers, and then hawked the EBT cards that pay for the food.

It is because of stories like this that the stereotypes of Muslims exist and are becoming more prevalent. Guaranteed these three women are among the “moderate” Islam crowd.

Source: Mad World Newz

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