Yasmin Seweid is a Muslim teenager who lives with her family in New York City – in the United States, but she lives with a foot in two cultures that may be totally incompatible with each other – to the point where she lives in fear for her life.

The pretty 18-year-old was arrested and is currently facing charges for filing a false police report and obstructing governmental administration after confessing that she lied about being assaulted by “white Trump supporters.”

Her impassioned retelling of her tale convinced the mainstream media without investigation or vetting the story, resulting in blaring headlines for days portraying President-elect supporters as white, Islamaphobic males preying on helpless Muslim girls as hardened New Yorkers stood by and watched.

She added details – from the exact recitation of anti-Muslim slurs, such as calling her head covering “a rag,” as they tried to pull it off while shouting, “Trump! Trump!” to demands that she, “Get the hell out of the country,” to make it somewhat believable… until she went a step too far.

Slandering three unidentified drunken white men is one thing, but claiming that a subway car full of New Yorkers didn’t get involved should have raised red flags.

Even the left-leaning liberal media should have noted the lack of any photographic evidence from the hundreds of cellphone cameras that would undoubtedly have filmed the scene – had it been real.

In fact, the entire story was fabricated, according to Seweid’s confession, because she was afraid of her “strictly religious father,” and made it up as an excuse for breaking curfew while drinking at a party.

It may well be that she had reason to be afraid.

After making the false report, the young woman disappeared for a few days, resurfacing surrounded by her father and brother, who shielded her newly shaved head from view under a coat as he roughly pulled her into the police station.

Her father called his daughter, “a bright, good girl,” acknowledging, Maybe she was afraid that night. She was running late.”

Now her older sister, Sara, who has posted anti-Trump rants on her Facebook page, has found a scapegoat, posting that the New York Police Department subjected Yasmin to “emotional and mental trauma,” because, “the police’s first instinct is to doubt your story and try to disprove it.”

So… apparently, it is the NYPD’s fault that a young woman is so frightened of her strict Muslim father that she went so far as to make up an elaborate story, lie to the police, elaborate and embellish the lie to the media, and run away from home before confessing the truth.

Got it.

Seweid faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Meanwhile, should anyone look into whether it was her idea to shave her head for her court appearance?

Read more here: NY Post

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