As the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II unfolds across Europe with millions of Syrian refugees fleeing chaos in the Middle East, a leader of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has gone on the record claiming “right-wing extremism" is the greatest threat to Americans.

Faizan Syed, the Executive Director of the St. Louis chapter of CAIR, says he is “more fearful of right-wing extremists and not really as fearful of the one in a million chance of an Islamist extremist attack.”

CAIR has been instrumental in the push to bring 100,000 Muslim refugees to the United States even as riots break out across Europe as countries are forced to accommodate the masses displaced by the rise of ISIS, the Assad regime and an increasing Russian presence.

While sympathies lie with families who are escaping persecution by ISIS and hostile governments, concerns have been raised about Muslim Brotherhood extremists infiltrating the bands of refugees to gain entry into European countries for the purpose of conducting jihad.

The Islamic faith advocates migration to countries of “disbelievers” as a form of stealth invasion and eventual domination.

The Obama administration is considering mass settlement of Syrian refugees throughout the country, with the majority in New York, Texas an California. Syed is actively campaigning to have a large number placed in St. Louis, Missouri and a CAIR-sponsored rally was held in support of the move.

Homeland Security director, Michael McCaul recently told Congress that systems are not in place to properly vet the refugees.

“The President wants to surge thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States, in spite of consistent intelligence community and federal law enforcement warnings that we do not have the intelligence needed to vet individuals from the conflict zone. We also know that ISIS wants to use refugee routes as cover to sneak operatives into the West. I implore the President to consult with Congress before taking any drastic action and to level with the American people about the very real security challenges we face."

The St. Louis metropolitan area is the site of Ferguson, the scene of racial violence in 2014, when several days and nights of rioting, inflamed by outside agitators and reputed agents of the Obama administration, required the National Guard to restore order. The insertion of tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims by the government would further destabilize that community.

President Obama’s politically motivated decision to pull-out of Iraq in the run-up to the 2012 election, created an instability that allowed ISIS to sweep through the region and a climate ripe for an Assad-Putin alliance.

Obama famously drew a “red line in the sand” daring Syrian President Assad to use chemical weapons and failed to act when that line was breached. Months later, he casually referred to the Islamic terror group ISIS as “the JV team.”

This week, his $500 million program of training and arming Syrian rebels to “counter-balance” ISIS’s control in the region was exposed as a complete failure when the head of the U.S. military Central Command, Gen. Lloyd Austin told the Senate Armed Service Committee that only four or five “anti-ISIS fighters” had been trained.

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