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As the refugee crisis spreads across Europe, evidence is emerging that many of the so-called asylum seekers are not families looking to start a new life in the West, but rather Muslim extremists actively working to recruiting new fighters to join ISIS.

On the same day the Finance Minister of Germany revealed the seizure of 10,000 fake Syrian passports, officials announced the arrest of a 21-year-old Moroccan terrorist who has been charged with recruiting for ISIS while posing as an asylum seeker at a refugee center under a “false identity.”

A European warrant had been issued by Spanish police alleging that he served as a contact for recruits wanting to travel to Syria or Iraq in order to join ISIS.

The phony passports can be sold for as much as $1,500 each and provide the valuable Syrian “identity” as an asylum seeker for refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

The head of the frontier police of the European Union, Fabrice Leggeri, confirmed the seizure.

“There are people who are now in Turkey, buying false Syrian passports because they have obviously realized that it is a windfall since Syrians get asylum in all Member States in the European Union.”

Authorities in the German city of Bremen have noted high numbers of fundamentalist Salafist Muslims trying to register as humanitarian workers in refugee camps.

Salafists are the extreme orthodox sect of Islam seeking to impose Sharia law throughout the world.

The German news magazine “Focus” published an interview with an official in which he said Salafist Muslims have been apprehended after trying to register as humanitarian workers with the Salafi organization, “Islamic Cultural Centre,” in the camps.

The official said the “volunteers” provide food, prayer and political rhetoric to the incoming migrants in an effort to radicalize them and recruit new fighters for ISIS.

 The State Office for Protection of the Constitution in Germany is taking steps to prevent Salafist extremists from finding positions in camps and gaining access to newly-arrived migrants.

Bremen city officials will be issuing “barring orders” to prohibit Salafists from even staying near the camps.


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