Who could forget this 1990’s advertising masterpiece, of a big and lovable shaggy pooch, sniffing and then exclaiming (yes a talking dog), “I smell bacon, bacon, bacon” And then rushing into the kitchen and exclaiming once again “It’s Bacon!!!!!”

Fast forward to 2015 and just the mere word “bacon” on a sign has loony Muslims going JIHAD in Vermont.

It seems that Sneakers Bistro a popular restaurant is somehow “insensitive” to one loony Muslim woman, who complained about the incentive sign outside the restaurant.

However here is where it gets really bizarre to “bacon lovers”, the restaurant actually removed the sign.

The silly owner actually doubled down to those criticizing his stupid and cowardly move by suggesting “they serve breakfast and not politics.”

Should one then assume by that moronic analogy bacon is no longer considered a “food item” and perhaps no longer served at this establishment?

The restaurant also claimed they removed the sign out of safety concerns, which once again demonstrates how far we’ve sunk as a free and open society and how fearful we’ve become of political correctness.



Intolerant people always attempt to force their will on others, and it’s those that meekly bow their heads and accept the absurd that eventually stand to lose…and in this particular incident let’s all hope they’re customers of Sneakers!

h/t: Right Wing News



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