In Scotland, Muslim imam Amanat Hussain Shah and his wife Sayyeda Rugaya took white Scottish resident Richard Hynd, age 50, to court claiming that he berated and ‘assaulted’ them with blatantly racist diatribes. However, it didn’t take long after the truth behind this blasphemous claim came out that the judge gave these entitled Muslims a serious reality check.

It started on July 18 when the couple first forced Hynd into the court and the spotlight. Since then Hynd had been pulled back and fourth, to and from court dealing with these two lying Muslim brats. wasting Hynds time and money and ruining his reputation in the city of Dunfermline.

Luckily for Hynd the judge didn’t share the blind sympathy and submissiveness to Muslim culture and sharia law that it seems everyone holds. Once he saw what was really going on in this case he made sure to not only toss the case out of court but to make sure that these two Muslim bullies were exposed for what they really are: entitled liars.

Shah claimed that Hynd came up to him and his wife and started to shout and ‘act aggressively’ toward the Muslim couple.

The two reported that Hynd had screamed at them unprovoked, calling Shah a “Paki”, “bloody black bastard”, and asked, “Why do you come to our country and disturb the people? Why don’t you go back to your own country?”

Even though the case has been thrown out that last one actually has some truth to it. Why do so many Muslims come to other people’s countries with such an entitled attitude and then expect everyone to bow down to their customs and to Sharia law?

Pakistani native Shah couldn’t quite convince the judge however when he started to go back and fourth on the details of the story. Originally he claimed that he, his wife and the rest of their family had been outside righting down Hynd’s license plate because he had parked too close to his Dunfermline mosque.

That’s when Shah claims that Hynd came outside, approached the family and began to berate them.

Too bad for Shah there were multiple witnesses that confirmed that it was only Shah outside. Furthermore it later came out that Shah was not in fact writing anything but instead taking multiple picture of the van that was parked where the Muslim patrons of the mosque constantly park illegally.

The couple proceeded to weaken their case when the wife attempted to give her testimony but was asked by the judge to remove her burka for identification purposes. She completely refused, which is unheard of in a court.

“When asked if she was prepared to remove the veil for identification, she said ‘no,'” local attorney Alexander Flett said in the presence of Judge McSherry. “I’m not aware of a single case in the United Kingdom where a witness has been allowed to give evidence wearing a veil.”

The judge refused to hear the testimony due to her entitled behavior and her refusal to remove the burka.

“This whole case has been a farce from the start,” Hynd said after winning the case. “The two of them just made up the story which was a pack of lies. It just shows you some people aren’t as religious as they try to make out. The background was parking in the streets around the mosque, especially on Fridays. The council and the police have been told as many times but it’s been going on for ages and it will probably kick off again.”

Luckily for Hynd the court saw the truth behind these entitled racist Muslims, who thought that they could come in push everybody around without any consequences.

It’s about time that we stop bowing down to Sharia law and giving in to every whim of these entitled Muslims trying to change our way of life.

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