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Richard Hynd

Although the justice system moves ever so slowly, at the end of the day usually the truth will prevail, as it did for Richard Hynd who had been battling a Muslim couple in court since the summer of 2015, but he was finally given justice when the judge discovered the couple’s motive.

The claim of course by the Muslim duo was what else, “RACISM!”

And like any good Muslim imam he along with his wife went to court to seek “justice” claiming that they were verbally attacked because of their religion. The couple claimed that Scottish resident Richard Hynd, 50, attacked them in a terrifying racial tirade.

However after the poor man’s reputation was smeared all over the city of Dunfermline, he finally found justice when the judge discovered exactly what the Muslim supremacists were doing.

It seems that the bogus claim made by the pair was because Hynd parked his van in the street next to the building, which worshipers use to illegally fill with their cars during Friday prayers, and Shah’s family and the rest of the mosque followers were simply irritated.

Shah had sworn under oath and had made several inconsistent claims, that apparently caught the judge’s attention his testimony began to fall apart when witnesses confirmed that Shah was the only one outside and that he was using his cell phone to snap photos of Hynd’s van, not a pen and paper.

Amanat Hussain Shah’s wife, Sayyeda Ruqaya, would not remove her burka in the court during testimony for the judge, He was then forced to disallow her testimony as a result.

h/t: Mad World News

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