Sexual deviants with a proclivity toward children are wily in their craft. They will do everything they can to orchestrate their lives so that their daily existence allows for frequent interaction with children.

These people will enter the workforce as employees of school districts, hospitals, ministry, and even law enforcement.

Now, compound this with the sexual dementedness that seems to be inherent in the DNA of Islam. Let’s cut the crap about the breathless not-all-Islam-is-bad pandering.

Fine, but, there is no denying that there is a much higher percentage of Peds among the Muslim masses than any other segment of the population regardless of race and ethnicity. That and there aren’t too many (in fact can’t think of one example), female Muslim child molesters out there.

They are radicalized men, of all ages, who follow their sick child molester/rapist “prophet” and his teachings on how to assault kids as part of their daily “living the word.”

The United Kingdom just learned this, again, the hard way. Mohammad Arshad, a 35-year old police officer has been arrested for the following, with respect to 12-16 year old girls:

  • 9 counts of engaging children in sex
  • 3 counts of sex with children
  • 2 counts of sexual grooming of children
  • 1 count of child rape
  • 1 count of “forcing a child to watch sexual acts”
  • 1 county of paying for sex with a child

Arshad has been convicted and he will spend time behind bars.  According to Arshad he has done so many children that it’s “hard for me to put a number on it.” He feels no guilt for paying for the sex. A little shame for having to pay for sex, and religiously for partaking in prostitution, but he “has not committed a crime.”

Arshad, law enforcement officer that he is, is an elitist hypocrite, like most Muslims it would seem. 

That assessment is based on what we do hear them say when they take the time to speak out, ala CAIR and other anti-Islamophobic groups. He has no problem forcing others to bend to the will of national law, but exempts himself because of Sharia.

Yet another reason why Islamophobia isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Source: Mad World News

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