Don’t think for a minute because this story originates in Sweden that we won’t be seeing it here after Obama gets done broad stroking amnesty for the Syrian refugees, aka radical Islamists.

Don’t even give it a second thought that our broken justice system is going to stand by the victim. No, ours is more in keeping with the judge in this story.

Sundsvall, Sweden is where this despicable, something out of a horror movie, crime took place. A Somali piece of crap, named Muhamud (imagine that), threatened a little girl, all of 13 years old, with a claim that he had dirty pictures of her and that she better follow him to settle up the matter.

He extorted her. Unfortunately, given her age and inability to reason this beyond being scared about naked pictures of herself, she followed him.

She was brutalized and raped by this male animal who all the while was violently pleasuring himself at her expense and simultaneously beating her, was repeating;

“black cock expensive.”

She was released and went home hemorrhaging as a result of the rape. After medical aid was rendered the “justice” system stepped in. Not surprisingly the justice system failed this child and in doing so failed everyone who is not a Muslim.

The rapist was excused of a crime because he had “some trouble with anxiety and sleeping.” So that’s a reason to savagely rape and beat a little girl?

Ever heard of a sleeping pill?!?! His punishment was 180 hours of community service. That’s it. Sweden is literally sweeping this under the rug and letting the rapist do the sweeping!

This is what is heading our way. Unfortunately, even we, the great United States of America, are witnessing a corrupted justice system. One that lets rapists and child molesters walk among us. It is no stretch of the imagination to think that a Muslim rapist will get a free pass.

Sexually brutal Shariah Law and subversive Islam is coming to a community near you. God help us all.

Source: Mad World News


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