“Suffer little children, and forbid them not…”

That is part of a Bible scripture found in Matthew 19:14. Who among us would want to deny children? They are among the innocent, right?

You decide after you read this as to whether or not the world should subject itself to suffering any of the refugee children.

While one can consider the ages of 14, 15, and 16 the ages of “knowing better,” than to do harm to another, this must be compared to the upbringing of said teenagers (who are children).

If you have a 14-year old boy, you are probably still dealing with video-game fixation, sass, and sullen attitude. Par for the puberty course. That you can “suffer” as a rite of passage for your boy, and yourself, as he transforms into the honorable man you have been working hard to raise.

Austria, is among the Christian nations willing to follow tenets that reinforce the benevolence of welcoming the weakest of among us, children, in grace and humility. In doing so, they have accepted Muslim refugees into their country.

Little girls, of the same teenage range, are “suffering” the consequences of the refugee male “children.” They are being beaten, brutalized and tortured as a result of repetitive rape, be it gang rape or one-on-one assault.

It is happening in their schools. These girls are breaking the code of Sharia; “adultery by force.” The school did nothing to ensure their safety. One had her face slammed into her desk in a classroom and was pitched against her locker in prelude to an assault.

Their cries for help went un-answered by their school until law enforcement stepped in. The consequences of the rapist “children?” Suspension. That’s it.

Infuriating isn’t it?

A once great nation, who bravely beat back years of invasion by Islam, culminating in battle in Vienna, in the 1680s, that destroyed the Ottoman Empire’s advance; 11,000 Viennans to 140,000 Jihadis.

Islam was defeated with the assistance of Poland’s Kind Jan Sobieski, and 30,000 men. He drove them back into their desert. In doing so, he saved Europe.

Austria, having learned nothing, is finally falling to Islam.

Poland will take no Muslim refugees. They will not “suffer little children,” or their parents.

Nor should we.

Source: Mad World News


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