Who remembers the Looney Tunes cartoons? How about Hugo, the Abominable Snowman? He was that childlike creature who was so happy to be able to hug something, love it, give it security, name it George, and bounce it on his knee. 

Then there were things like Baby Hewie and most certainly a Lurch in the mix.

What do these characters have in common with the once great nation of Sweden? That nation is welcoming in all versions of Hugo, Hewie and Lurch.

If they don’t know their ages they are assumed to be maybe 12-16 years old. Seriously. No wonder these degenerate “refugees” are headed to places like Sweden—the country is RETARDED.

As a result, a "12-year old" was welcomed into a foster family so as to be given a fresh start in life. That mulligan included beating his foster dad.

Upon arrest and inspection, the “child” was noted to be sporting a full set of wisdom teeth (rotting, because…Jihadist hygiene). This suggested to the authorities that Mr. Pre-pubescent was anything but.

In fact, it was not until all the stuff 12-year old boys are into, like Transformers and Star Wars, disguised as child pornography (surprise!) and terrorist sites were found on his cell phone that Inspector Clouseau began to “suspect” something was amiss.

Saad Alsaud, the Hugo-like 14-year old was identified by the Swedes (with a brain) to be anything but. He like to play with his classmates. Pedophile, anyone?

How about the 6-foot tall Somali who stabbed an aide worker to death in a Swedish asylum center. He was a “minor” too. At what point do you look at a man and say to yourself, yeah not 12? Apparently, in Sweden it is only AFTER Baby Hewie and Hugo beat, rape, and/or kill someone.

This why Americans do not want “widows and orphans.” However, the one thing the world forgets, and certainly those ectomorph gland problem afflicted “children,” is Americans don’t play those games.

We will roll some degenerate terrorist bastard and we won’t think twice about it. We don’t need our government to keep us safe. We do a mighty fine job on our own.

This is the land of the free, the home of the brave, of, by, and for Americans, and it always will be. Widows and orphans NOT WELCOME.

Source: Mad World News


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