Since 9/11 America and the rest of the world have been intensely concerned about the safety of airlines and air travel. So when someone boasts of being able to take down planes, everyone pays attention.

That was the case when Abdirizak Mohamad Warsame was arrested by federal agents for providing material support to ISIS. Part of the support Warsame bragged about was his ability to take down planes.

Warsame worked as a baggage handler in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, an airport that anyone who has ever flown in an airplane knows is one of the world's busiest.

But the 20-year-old bragged to others that he, in his capacity as a baggage handler, would be able to take down planes. Additionally, Warsame tried to help Muslims from his local Somalian community travel to the Middle East.

This has been a recurring story throughout the past several years, and it's a scary one. Muslim-Americans come to the United States and obtain steady, well-paying jobs. But instead of thanking America for the great benefit the country has been to their well-being, the immigrants use their funds to help further the war against Western civilization.

Warsame is appearing before a judge and will, in all likelihood, plead guilty to the charges of aiding ISIS. What's unfortunate is that he's already helped a number of young Somalis to find their way to Syria.

Now, it's important to note that not all immigrants to the U.S. who are Muslims are trying to support ISIS. There are many who hate ISIS and the radical branch of Islam that it stands for.

But there are also those who want to reach out and do their part, and they should be apprehended before they can do anything. In the case of Muslims who work in airlines or other high-risk areas we need to implement more careful vetting processes.

America, we need to protect ourselves and it starts with knowing who has access to our planes and skies.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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