Security National Bank, in Omaha, Nebraska, has found itself under the lens of the Islamophobia microscope. Why?

Because, they were tired of getting robbed by people concealing their identity, so they refused entrance to….wait for it…an Amish person!!

Just kidding. A Muslim woman. Upon her approach, she was told to remove her headscarf, hajib, veil thing, and she declined.

She called her husband, so he could make a decision for her because Muslim women are not allowed to think for themselves. His answer must have been in the affirmative, because despite her wailing, she did take it off.

By this time, the bank said, thanks for playing, but no. They locked the doors. The police were called, and when they rodeo-ed in they said the bank had taken appropriate action.

“For security reasons, our policy for all walk-in customers is to remove all face, eye and head coverings to allow our employees and security cameras to have a clear view of each person entering the bank. We routinely ask individuals to remove their hats, scarves and sunglasses prior to entering. This is done in an effort to keep our customers and employees safe.”

That is the Facebook post by the bank in response to the attempted shaming of them by the she-Muslim’s friend. Score one for Nebraska!

This is how we get things done. No more special treatment for anyone…Muslim or Amish.  The latter who ask for none, by the way. 

Islam is not superior, its followers are not superior, and they need to get with the program that is America, be it a fast food restaurant, grocery store, soup line, or bank… or pack  up their burkas and goats and leave. Period.

Source: Mad World News



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