Although the leftist media continues to claim that the barbaric sexual assault by three Muslim migrant youths on the helpless 5-year-old American girl didn't happen happen they cannot hide the truth. Now this truth is about to bring some very bad news down upon the families of these young Muslims thugs.

The entire country was completely stunned when the news about the brutal attack of the innocent American girl came out. The 5-year-old girl from Twin Falls, Idaho was kidnapped by three young Muslim aggressors, ages 7, 10, and 14. The boys took the girl from right outside her apartment complex and brought her over to the laundry area.

From there they proceeded to strip her down, molest her, and urinate on her and in her mouth all the while filming the whole thing so that they could enjoy this poor girls agony over and over again.

Yet liberal news sources continued to try to bury the disgusting story and pretend that it never happened.

Initial reports mistakenly stated that the boys were Syrian refugees instead of from Sudan and Iraq. Liberal media quickly pounced on this opportunity to try to discredit the entire story based on this one minor fact error that I'm sure mattered very little to the victim or her family.

The two oldest boys were reportedly arrested last week and then released from the juvenile detention center to their parents on Thursday, pending the results of their next hearing.

It seemed as if these animals were going to get off again just like so many other brutal sexual assault allegations against Muslim migrants. Then the families of the little devils got some very bad news.

The landlord of the apartment in which they lived in responded to the court order that said that the boys were to have no contact with the victim and evicted the families from their former homes.

"With the police investigation now largely complete, acting in our capacity as property managers, we have served the legally required notifications to terminate the tenancy of those households who the police have identified as responsible for the criminal acts," said the landlord.

Finally, some good news for the rest of the world these Muslims are going to start getting some well deserved justice.

Of course this is nowhere near the full punishment that they deserve but it's a good start. We can only hope that the next hearing really deals out a much more sever punishment fitting the vile crime that these young migrants committed.

Source: Mad World News

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