Seventy-Million Dollars…$70,000,000.00!

That is the rolling tab for our president to go play in the sun every chance he gets.

Talk about rubbing it in the face of all of us servants to the grand-master of anti-Americanism.

You know?

The unemployed, those who lost their jobs and can’t find one during this period of awesome economic recovery and 5% unemployment?

While it can be imagined it costs a hefty sum in jet fuel to fly Air Force 1 from place to place, can any of you come up with $70-Million dollars’ worth of vacations over the course of 7-years? 

Our president is the epitome of the term taker.

Everything he does comes from the pockets of the American citizen.

Perhaps we should view him as the biggest welfare recipient in the nation.

Source: BizPacReview



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