It seems that the liberal media is constantly calling out conservatives and Conservatism as being bigoted and close-minded. Those catcalls, however, are being silenced by an awkward reality facing liberal media today.

MSNBC, Mother Jones, and former GuardianĀ news writer Glenn Greenwald have all been proved wrong in their standing up for Saadiq Long, a Muslim who made headlines several years ago by complaining about being placed on the no-fly list.

His story prompted liberal media everywhere to talk about the "Islamophobia" that was present in America and led to Long being taken off of the no-fly list for his requested visit to Oklahoma from Qatar to see his dying mother.

If this were a happy story, that would be the ending, Long returned to America and reunited with both his country and his mother. However, Long's story is anything but happy and is indicative of what happens when a media narrative is stronger than reality.

While in Oklahoma, Long had a run-in with the police that was of a strong enough nature to place him back on the no-fly list. It was only after circumventing U.S. protections that Long was finally able to fly back to Qatar on a plane that left from Mexico.

The story is still not finished, though.

Long was just recently arrested on the border between Turkey and Syria and is now being held in a Turkish prison because he was part of a terrorist cell.

This is a man who was interviewed and praised on American television and who was given an unprecedented amount of coverage and air time. Yet, despite the intentions of MSNBC and other liberal outlets to turn Long's story into a narrative about Islamophobia, it turns out that he was on the no-fly list for a reason--he was a terrorist.

Maybe now those liberals who claim that terrorists and Islam have no real connection will finally see the light.

h/t: WND, PJ Media

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