Melissa Harris-Perry has to be one of the stupidest women on the planet.

You should all remember her from her sit-down with Attorney General, Eric Holder, when she told him that folks in the know refer to him as “The Duck.” She then asked Holder if he would “quack” for us.

This time, Melissa is giving us a lesson in racism and socialism. According to Melissa, the reason Bernie “rape-fantasizer” Sanders’ preferred form of government, “socialism”, never took hold is because of…wait for it….RACISM.

There it is. The go-to Ace-up-the-sleeve-race-card that all idiots play when they can’t come up with an answer to fit their narrative.

In boiling down Harris-Perry’s answer to why socialism never took hold, and how racism is the reason why, Melissa presents her theory to Kai Wright (The Nation Magazine);

“…in this country, race and racial privilege has trumped class identity as a way of organizing our politics.”

She goes on to jump around about how capitalism was built around cotton and financing the slaves, and ends her diatribe with;

“…and so when we get back to sort of the public investments that we make in people and that part of democratic socialism that has been challenged and difficult particularly in modern times because, coming out of the Great Society, coming out of the mid-20th century, we have had a politics that makes those public investments giveaways to black people.”

Okaaaay…so is she saying that it was folks like FDR and his New Deal, and LBJ and his Great Society of “I’ll have those n-words voting Democrat for the next 200 years”, who sought to enslave black people in publicly invested social “projects” is the reason why socialism doesn’t work?

Ummmm. That would be a good thing. Unfortunately, socialism is alive and well, particularly among African Americans of the Democrat Party, because they keep voting their slaveholders into office, just as racist Lyndon Johnson predicted!

Of course, when pushed by Reason Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Matt Welch, and Harvard’s Jeffrey Miron, that there is such a thing as individual rights and liberty, and things like affirmative action being bad, Melissa says that freedom, i.e. capitalism, requires corrective action.

By who? Her? A proverbial LBJ-slave who keeps towing her master’s line?

The woman makes no sense.

Source: News Busters


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