Refugees are still a hot-button issue around the world, especially in countries that have taken in massive numbers of the refugees. Stories are pouring in about assault cases, rape, and every other horrible situation imaginable. And still these countries are letting the refugees pour in.

In Sweden, one mother made a critical mistake when she opened her home to two asylum seekers from Eritrea. She thought that she was being kind and considerate when she moved her 10-year-old daughter out of the daughter's bedroom and into her own room.

Unfortunately things quickly escalated out of control.

On August 18, 2015, the woman's daughter, Emma, was shaken awake by one of the Muslim asylum seekers, who goes by the name Isaac. He grabbed her breasts hard and the girl suffered pain after the incident.

As is too often the case, the girl was too frightened to tell anyone and it took the mother's prying into the situation for her to finally admit that Isaac had sexually assaulted her.

When confronted, Isaac denied having anything to do with the girl. He argued that he had a girlfriend back in Eritrea and why would he want to assault a young girl.

However, the mother kept at the issue and he finally confessed.

The kicker, however, is the fact that Isaac claims he's only 15 years old. After studying for 7 years in Eritrea at the age of 10, and having been graduated for 2 years, it's hard to imagine how any criminal court could believe that this molester could be just 15 years old.

However, as a 15 year old, Isaac is still considered a juvenile. As such he isn't under criminal penalties for his sexual assault--all he undergoes is counseling.

When will these countries realize that inviting thousands of pent-up, young Muslim men into their countries is asking for disasters like this to keep occurring? These Muslim refugees are poised to send the modern world into a disaster that it may not be able to return from.

h/t: Daily Caller

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