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If there was any lingering doubt as to the devastating effects of drugs, a horrifying case of child abuse underscores the overwhelming power heroin has over addicts as it destroys their judgment, and even their morality and humanity.

A Ohio woman faces life in prison after pleading guilty to 27 felony counts, including human trafficking and child endangerment, says she made the plea to spare her daughter the pain of testifying at trial.

April Corcoran traded the 11-year-old girl to a drug dealer in exchange for heroin, even injecting the child with the drug obtained in the deals.

Many of the forced sex acts, which took place over a months-long period, were videotaped.

The abuse only came to an end when the little girl went to live with her father and stepmother after the end of the school year, when she felt safe enough to confide in her stepmother.

Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joseph Deters, said, “What this little girl endured is unimaginable. This case is Exhibit A for how devastating heroin is to our communities.”

Shandell Willingham, who accepted the girl as payment for each drug transaction, currently faces up to 87-years in Indiana on unrelated charges.

Corcoran, who had no criminal record, is due in court for sentencing on July 19.

Her daughter will remain in the custody of her father and stepmother.

Source: Metro



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