The mother of a black man, who was shot and killed, spoke out about the murder of her son at a news conference held at the LAPD police station. Nobody expected her to say what she did especially when she turned her attention to the black lives matter movement. What she asked them stunned them all.

Gerrick Thomas was only 21 years old and at the time he had been studying, on his way to becoming a nurse. He was shot in the head on January 25th in the heart of Los Angeles. Hardly anyone has ever heard of Thomas and as of yet there still has been no justice for the murderer.

Yet even though Thomas was shot in the head and killed we haven't heard a peep from black lives matter.

There have been no riots or looting or even nonsensical violence like we are becoming accustomed to from this group. This mother knows exactly why and she won't stand for it anymore.

Demicha Lofton-Thomas asked a question to the black lives matter group during the LAPD news conference on Tuesday that completely destroys the BLM's claim that all black lives matter to them. She called them out for being extreme hypocrites and exposed exactly why.

"I don’t preach ‘Black Lives Matter’ because, to me, black lives only matter to people when the law enforcement is involved," Demicha said. "t’s not just about law enforcement. All lives matter. It’s a black man who killed my kid. So, how can people preach ‘Black Lives Matter?’ I don’t believe in that. All lives matter."

She ends this extremely emotional speech with this, "I need justice for my kid," which she has received no help in getting from the BLM or Obama.

The only people trying help get justice for her son is LAPD, who are still searching for her son's killer.

Demicha isn't only calling out the BLM for their narrow-minded and racist views she has also come after Al Sharpton, Barrack Obama, Jessie Jackson, and everyone else who only calls attention to the media when it is a cop or a white person who is behind the trigger.

Damicha and her family deserve justice for the tragic loss of her son. Yet it seems that she will get no help from the hypocritical left. It is up to the LAPD to bring this murderer to justice and if by chance they find him and he fights back and gets shot, then you will surely hear from the BLM protestors that the police are at it again with another 'racist' shooting.

The fact is most black lives that are lost are taken by the hands of other blacks. In fact, out of all the blacks that are murdered 91 percent of them are killed by other blacks. The comes out to roughly 17,888 black lives taken by other blacks.

That is a drastic difference than the only 112 blacks killed by police officers of any color, many of which were verifiably justified.

BLM protestors don't really care about black lives they only care about the 1 out of 160 that are killed by police officers.

To honor the death of Gerrick Thomas, Damicha has set up a GoFundMe account that offers the full story behind the tragic death of her son.

There is definitely an issue with rampant violence against the black community but it not from the police as the BLM movement would have you believe, rather it is coming from other members of the black community and it must be addressed.The answer is not to keep killing cops like they have been but to stop the killing all together of cops and of other blacks. The sooner people start realizing this the sooner we can finally put an end to this ridiculous racist police fantasy.

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Source: Mad World News


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